A black Living Cube, which is a piece of wooden space-saving furniture that has a storage unit, is in the corner of a stylish living room.
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16 Amazing Space-Saving Products For Everyone On Your Gift List

16 Amazing Space-Saving Products For Everyone On Your Gift List Expand options

Besides Marie Kondo’s new book, Spark Joy, all we want for Christmas is for you to have a spacious Christmas. To help make that happen, we put together this list of 16 amazing space-saving products for everyone on your gift list, including you. Because you worked extremely hard this year and totally deserve to treat yo’self.

1. Wallet Ninja

A space-saving Wallet Ninja combines 18 tools into one credit card-sized multi-purpose tool.
Vante Brands

Price: $9.99
We don’t know what’s more insane, the genius stainless steel Wallet Ninja that miraculously packs 18 tools into one credit card-shaped multi-purpose tool OR the Wallet Ninja’s spokesperson, Justin Credible:

2. Staekler Shoe Hooks

5 orange space-saving Staeckler shoe storage hooks are mounted to a white wall and storing 5 sneakers.
Papafoxtrot HK Ltd.

Price: $10 for one pair
How beautiful are shoes in boxes underneath a bed? Who knows. Nobody can see them because they’re in boxes underneath a bed. Show off fresh kicks, without taking up any precious floor space, by hanging them on Staekler shoe hooks that mount to a wall.

3. Star Wars R2-D2 Laundry Hamper

A woman is putting clothes into a collapsible Star Wars R2-D2 laundry hamper/storage bin.

Price: $19.99
This R2-D2 is billed as a pop-up/collapsible laundry hamper, but that doesn’t mean it can’t double as a galaxy- and space-saving storage bin for your Star Wars memorabilia.


A white CLUG, which is a bike storage clip that mounts to a wall, is storing a bicycle upright in a small apartment.
CLUG Brands Inc.

Price: $20
A CLUG stores a bike upright against the wall, comes in multiple colors, and is so tiny (it’s the size of a kiwi) that it’s actually the world’s smallest bike rack. Get a CLUG, and never trip over your bicycle on your way from your living room to your kitchen again:


If you’d like to check out more space-saving bike storage solutions, feast your eyes on these 11 gorgeous bike racks that double as art.

5. Urbio Perch 5-Piece Starter Kit

White Urbio storage containers are organizing office supplies, sunglasses, and a small plant.
Urbio, Inc.

Price: $39.99
Some of the best things in life come in pieces: a 3-piece suit, 6-Piece Spicy Chicken Nuggets from Wendy’s, and the 5-Piece Starter Kit from Urbio that organizes daily essentials while storing a tiny happiness-increasing plant.

6. Bookniture

A closed red Bookniture, which looks like a book and contains space-saving furniture, is standing on a white surface.

Price: $86
What if building, moving, and storing furniture was as easy as opening a lightweight book, carrying it, and placing it on a shelf? It is … if you buy Bookniture:


7. Twist Smart LED Lightbulb

A space-saving Twist Smart LED Lightbulb, which is also an AirPlay speaker, is installed in a tiny black lamp and glowing.

Price: $99
Put your ear two feet away from the nearest lightbulb. Chances are it doesn’t make you dance. That’s because it’s not a Twist Smart LED Lightbulb that not only changes color based on the time of day, but also streams music from any AirPlay-enabled device.

The future is now. And it looks and sounds beautiful thanks to Twist:


8. Grasslamp

A white Grasslamp, which is a grass planter and an ambient LED lamp, is on top of a desk in a small apartment.

Price: $99
The grass is always greener on the other side. Unless you have a Grasslamp. In which case you’d always be on the other side. Because you can place a Grasslamp on any flat surface that your green thumb deems fit for the Jetsons-esque lamp/hydroponic garden:


9. LiliLite

A LiliLite, which is a wooden bookshelf, bookmark, and lamp that mounts to a wall, is shining over a woman reading a book in bed.

Price: $140.18
If you like reading in bed at night and remembering what page you left off at, then LiliLite is right up your literary alley. It’s an elegant wooden bookshelf, bookmark, and automatic lamp that unlike a nightstand, mounts to your wall (so you don’t have to worry about banging your head into it while rolling in your sleep):



An IKEA GODMORGON, which is a big storage cabinet with four adjustable shelves and a dual-side mirror, is mounted to a tiled bathroom wall.

Price: $150
There’s a medicine cabinet, and then there’s the gigantic yet space-saving GODMORGON from everyone’s favorite Swedish furniture behemoth. The 3-foot-2-inch-tall storage cabinet mounts to a wall and boasts four adjustable shelves on which you can store meds, toiletries, makeup, and jewelry. Before you put them on while checking yourself out on GODMORGON’s dual-side mirrors of course.

11. BrunoSmart Trash Can + Vacuum

A white BrunoSMART trashcan/vacuum is inside of a white kitchen in a tiny apartment.

Price: $179
The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “trash” probably isn’t “fancy.” Well, that’s about to change because we’d like you to meet uber-fancy Bruno, the world’s first smart trash can that makes all other trash cans and dust pans obsolete.

How smart is Bruno?

Bruno automatically opens its mouth when you wave your hands over it. It also vacuums your debris. And reminds you to take the trash out. And tells you when you’re low on garbage bags so you can order more from the comfort of your phone:


12. Lakeland Multichef

A white Lakeland Multichef, which is a multi-purpose product that does the work of 11 kitchen appliances, is on top of a small kitchen counter.

Price: $373.02
The multi-function Lakeland Multichef is a tiny kitchen counter’s space-saving savior. It condenses 11 kitchen appliances into one. It grinds; chops; grates; blends; mixes; whips (but unfortunately doesn’t nae nae); kneads; steams; simmers; stir fries; and measures hours, minutes, and seconds. What a time to be alive.

13. SAIC Tonic Bar Cart

A clear space-saving SAIC Tonic Bar Cart from CB2, which is used for glassware, barware, and wine storage, is tucked into the corner of a small apartment.

Price: $499
Without beverages, a holiday bash is a holiday bore. But that won’t happen to you, or your future Christmas and New Year’s Eve party guests, because you’re going to invest in a portable SAIC Tonic Bar Cart from CB2. It tucks into tight corners while storing 12 bottles of wine along with plenty of wine glasses and other barware.

14. Pile

Blue and white space-saving Pile cushions are stacked on a black steel coffee table.
Michal Blutrich

Price: $1,600+
Pile starts as a stack of vibrant cushions. Then it becomes whatever space-saving furniture that you decide to build with it. Which is as simple as stacking and rearranging it’s comfortable cushions, leaning lamp, and sturdy steel coffee table:


15. Ram & Row

A Ram & Row, which is a wood side table and a rowing machine, is on a wooden floor in a tiny apartment's living room.
Ram & Row

Price: $2,173.40+
If you want to exercise more, but don’t always feel like trekking to the gym, get a stylish wooden Ram & Row. When closed, it’s a side table on which you can rest a protein shake. When unfolded, it’s a rowing machine that you can use to work up an appetite for said protein shake:


16. Living Cube

A black multi-functional Living Cube, which is a media center, bar, closet, bike rack, bed, bookcase, desk, and storage unit, is in the corner of a modern living room.
Living Cube

Price: $2,500+
The Living Cube lets you furnish almost an entire room in the least stressful way possible. It’s an all-in-one media center, mini bar, closet, bike rack, loft bed, bookcase, desk, and storage unit. Which means you’ll have a place to store every space-saving product on this list, Santa’s sleigh, all your Christmas gifts, holiday decorations, and more. With room to spare. And if that room runs out, there’s always your infinite closet: MakeSpace.

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