Pretty flowers increase your happiness.

Add A Little Green To Your New York Lifestyle

Add A Little Green To Your New York Lifestyle Expand options

With some of the longest commutes, the craziest real estate prices, and the most expensive lunches ($15 for a sandwich!?), New York City is one stressful place. If you’re looking to reduce stress, why not try a little indoor gardening? Working with plants has been scientifically proven to lower blood pressure, and you’ll feel great about yourself when your garden looks amazing!

Start by clearing out some space in your apartment. You should start feeling better right away, because minimalist living is its own relaxation technique. Plus, with less stuff around, you’ve got more room for your plant friends.

Adding just a little more green to your apartment can transform the space into a new oasis of tranquility. If you’re not confident about your green thumb, start with an easy-to-maintain potted plant. Our favorite, the ZZ plant, adds colorful contrast and filters the air. Other succulents are also great, low-maintenance accent pieces.

window herb garden

Depending on how ambitious you’re feeling, you can also try setting up a small window garden to grow flowers and other plants that require more direct sunlight. According to one urban window farmer, south-facing windows are ideal for a garden full of ever-so-useful herbs like basil, oregano, rosemary, mint, and lemongrass. If you’re not much of a cook, consider it an organic addition to your cocktail bar.

Start small and let your garden grow! You’ll experience the calming physical and mental health benefits of cultivating your green thumb in no time.

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