A closed Travelbox, a portable room in a box by JUUST Design, is standing in the grass.

Is it a supercomputer? Nope. A home battery? Nope. The back of the entrance sign at IBM’s corporate headquartersNope. A safe? Close, but no cigar. Ladies and gentlemen, this shiny metal box is a … Travelbox!

What’s a Travelbox?

Glad you asked.

A Travelbox is a portable room-in-a-box (not to be confused with Our Paper Life’s Room in a Box) that unpacks into a bed, table, chair, and storage.

Open sesame:

JUUST Design's Travelbox is standing in the grass and open, showing a mattress, table, chair, bike, and pillows in storage.

An open Travelbox with a bed, pillows, and storage shelves is standing outside in the grass and surrounded by a bike, table, chair, and trees.

Invented by Graz, Austria-based JUUST Design, Travelbox “was born by the necessity of going abroad for work, paired with a distaste for low-quality and one-way furniture,” Stefan Prattes, the 25-year-old architect and founder of JUUST Design, told us.

When packed and closed, Travelbox weighs 132 pounds and stands 4 feet tall, 6.8 feet long, and 1.3 feet wide. And because it’s made of strong oak wood and sheathed in aluminum, Travelbox is a durable storage solution for travelers, digital nomads, tiny apartment dwellers, and anyone else who’d like a futuristic-looking room divider/pop-up hotel room.

All that’s missing from this portable room-in-a-box are retractable wheels, but hey, that’s what dollies are for.

An open Travelbox is inside an apartment and storing jackets, pants, shirts, sweaters, wine bottles, and books on storage shelves.

Travelbox is inside of a clean, minimally-decorated tiny apartment, storing clothes, and surrounded by a chair, bike, dining table, and chairs.

Earlier this year, ArchDaily reported that JUUST Design is going to sell the Travelbox, but the article didn’t say when. So, we asked Stefan.

“We start with the sale in the beginning of 2016 with an advanced version of the prototype,” said Stefan, who’s pictured below standing next to JUUST Design’s 25-year-old designer and engineer, Julia Cancola. “We will announce more information about this soon on our webpage, including the price. And yes, we ship to the US.”

JUUST Design's designer and engineer, Julia Cancola, is standing next to the studio's founder and architect, Stefan Prattes.

Stefan also told us that the production version of the Travelbox will not include a bike, mattress, pillows, or chairs like the ones you saw from the prototype that’s pictured above. However, you will be able to order the chairs separately. You might not need them though because the production version of the Travelbox, which is going to stand 5.9 inches taller than the prototype, will come with a bench.

“With this extension we can provide a double bed (140cm width) [4.59 feet width] instead of a single bed (90cm) [2.95 feet],” added Stefan, which means 1.5 times more space for Netflix and chill.

Sounds good to us.

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