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Clutter Moving is the most affordable, flexible, and reliable moving solution in the Walnut Creek area.
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Thousands of satisfied customers

Clutter is by far the easiest moving company to schedule with. Communication is easy, setup is quick and costs are reasonable. The team of 5 (Brandon S., Arnold R., David U., Jessica T., and Sergio A.) were super fast but packed everything right and took good care of my stuff during the move. Not a single complaint either about the massive amounts of stairs. Would definitely use again.
Michael L.
Walnut Creek
We did a local move with Clutter and it was such a seamless and stress-free experience! We had the absolute best team help us, a huge shout out to Brandon, Aaron, Juan, Johnathan, Edward, and Nicolas. These guys are all so kind and took great care of our items. They were fast and efficient with packing, loading, unloading, and moving items into our new place. We were moving with an infant and a toddler so having this kind of made our move so much easier and quicker. We packed most of the boxes and just left furniture items and some bigger wall items to be packed by the team. The video walkthroughs before our appointment were really helpful for transparency on pricing, estimated move time, and helping us make sure we had the right number of pros and trucks for our needs. Hands down I absolutely recommend Clutter for moving especially with the guys previously mentioned, they are the best!!! Thank you for all of your help!
Christine C.
Walnut Creek
Using Clutter for the biggest day of my local move was a great decision! From the start, I felt like Clutter was really working with me to tailor their services to my needs. The virtual walkthrough a couple weeks earlier helped me communicate what I needed from them as well as settle on a reasonable approach to pricing. The communication between that virtual walkthrough and the big day was excellent and responsive. And the team that showed up -- David, AJ, and Antjuan -- was genuinely one of the best group of guys I have ever worked with on something like this. Professional, efficient, skilled, considerate, and genuinely kind -- what more could I have asked for? I strongly recommend Clutter for your next move -- and fingers crossed that you get the same guys I did!
Eugene K.
Walnut Creek

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