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Clutter Moving is the most affordable, flexible, and reliable moving solution in the Del Rey area.
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Del Rey Moving Company

At Clutter, we have a team of some of the best Del Rey movers in the region. We are proud to be the most trusted Del Rey moving company in the Greater Los Angeles area, and we can help throughout each stage of the moving process. We use state-of-the-art equipment, follow all the best practices in our industry, and make sure your move is made on time. Whether you’re moving near Venice Beach, Sunkist Park, or Playa Vista, our moving company in Los Angeles can help you.

Del Rey Moving Company FAQs

How much do movers in Del Rey cost?
Whether you decide to work with our movers in San Bernardino or Del Rey, there are a few factors that we will use to determine the price. This includes the weight of your belongings, the time it takes, the number of people required, and the distance you’re moving. At Clutter, we understand the high living costs of California, especially in areas like Los Angeles. That’s why we provide affordable moving services with fair billing by the minute. We understand you are on a budget, and we will always give you an estimate before we get started.

How long does a local move in Del Rey take?
The time it takes for your Del Rey also depends on several factors, such as whether you require packing help. For example, if you are moving from one of our Los Angeles storage units, your belongings might already be packed. Therefore, the process might be a bit quicker. However, our team can also help you pack up your belongings and disassemble your furniture. However, this process can require more time, so it’s important to plan accordingly. If you have a timeframe you want to stick to, reach out to us ahead of time. Most of our local moves can be completed in a few hours.

When should I book a moving company in Del Rey?
When it comes to booking your Del Rey moving company, you should book as soon as you know your desired moving date. We want to make sure that your move is made on time, and the sooner you reach out to us, the better the chances of us fitting you into our schedule. Whether you’re working with our Del Rey movers or Upland movers, our professional movers work efficiently to ensure you make it into your new home on time.

What can I expect from a move to Del Rey?
As one of the top moving companies in Del Rey, you should expect us to be reliable, affordable, and convenient. When moving in the Los Angeles area, heavy traffic on major roadways like the 405 and 10 can cause delays, while the high cost of living, especially in coastal areas like Del Rey, can dig into budgets. At Clutter, we help mitigate some of these issues by handling the transportation for you with affordable services, so you can have a stress-free moving day.

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Thousands of satisfied customers

Absolutely amazing job done by the whole team (Josh P, Joseph S, Demarcus I, Jacques R, and Marshuan W). I had nothing packed and the whole team came in and was able to pack up the whole place quickly and safely. Not a single thing broke and everything was so organized. The team had only a small elevator to use at my new place to move everything and they were done in an hour! I recommend everyone I know to clutter as the teams never let me down. They are always so nice, smart, and do such a great job!
Amy K.
Del Rey
Hulland, Anthony, Ivan, and Eduardo did an exceptional job. They were timely, very polite and respectful, and always found a way to make it work when running into unexpected issues. Everything was packed with care and attention from start to finish. I highly recommend using Clutter for an easy, stress-free move!
Ethan K.
Del Rey
I get so happy whenever I see the teal Clutter truck on the road because I have always had great experiences with them. I first witnessed how great they were when my roommate used Clutter for moving and storage services. So when it was time for me to move I went with Clutter. What wins me over is the dedication and care they give when securing your large items. They always have protective mats and packaging material available which definitely sets them apart from other moving companies. The entire services with Clutter are excellent because they take care of every moving detail from scheduling, billing, moving, and having friendly staff. Clutter movers are specialists in moving and I wouldn't go with anyone else. My recent services with them proved how thankful I am with choosing Clutter. We had water damage in our office space and needed to move out for a month while the space was undergoing repairs. I was able to book a quick pick up date and used their flexible month to month storage plan. The team members that assisted with the first pick up were Anthony, Ryan, and Alexis. They were fast and intuitive with moving out my items. Once the repairs were done it was easy to book a re-delivery date of my items and the new team that assisted was just as great as the pick up team. We did run into an issue with the re-delivery because a large item was not entering through our small office door but a supervisor was able to stop by within 30 minutes or less to resolve, the team was able to disassemble my large item and got it in with no damages. The lead Juan Cruz and Erinn were pleasant to work with. Their smiles were certainly not hard to notice even with their masks on. Very cheerful team and I loved that!
Isabelle C.
Del Rey

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