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Clutter Moving is the most affordable, flexible, and reliable moving solution in the Escondido area.
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Thousands of satisfied customers

Clutter is the best moving company I have ever dealt with. The movers were professional and courteous. Next time I move, I will definitely use Clutter. I am a disabled veteran and they packed most of my belongings with care. I would give them a higher rating if I were able. Clutter is the best.
Billy B.
The total service is very well organized. The online room and content listing is fairly easy which is followed up with a video call walk through. I think this was one of the key factors that made the quoting very accurate. My end bill was within 90 dollars of the expected price where we finished a little early. The moving team was very friendly and efficient. They took care and asked for directions on where to place items. They wrapped everything with blankets, pads, and corner protectors. They were efficient and on time. The text updates are very accurate and tell you everything about the schedule. Email document signing is concise and clear. I definitely recommend this company and would use them again. They offer a professional service that provides everything you need for a local house move.
Jeremy M.
What a great moving experience we had with Clutter. I had never heard of Clutter until our neighbor recommended them. Our move was SEAMLESS and the Clutter crew was professional, efficient and made us part of their process. And the company over-communicated during the entire process which took a lot of the stress out of the event. I strongly recommend Clutter to anyone needing to move. Top-notch!
Thomas W.

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