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Escondido Storage

Clutter’s Smart Storage is the most affordable, flexible, and reliable storage solution in the Escondido area.
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Storage units in Escondido

Whether you want a more minimalist, livable space or just want to create extra space, Clutter is the best choice for you. Our trained team of local movers will come to you, pack your things, then transport them to our facility for you. When you need something back, simply schedule a return and we'll deliver it. As a bonus, we'll photograph the items you put in storage and create a digital, online catalog for you, so you will always know what's in storage.

If your closetbox is too full with items and you want to create a sparefoot of space, then Clutter is perfect for you! Our trained team of local movers knows all the neighborhood spots in Escondido, including the California State University, San Marcos, Daley Ranch and San Diego Children's Discovery Museum areas. Our Storage Experts are eager to get you storage quickly and at the lowest price possible.

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New to the area? Here's some info that will help you get acquainted… To get into a new home in no time, consult realtor Ivan Cazarez. As soon as you find a home, submit a Change of Address by stopping by the local post office (we recommend the one where I-15 meets the Ronald Packer Parkway). Once things settle down, we highly recommend grabbing a bite at locals' favorite restaurant, Vintana Wine + Dine. And if you want to have some fun, the Safari Park (a unique animal adventure featuring wild and endangered species in free-range enclosures) is where you'll go. You'll know you're fully acclimated once you've tasted all the taps at Stone Brewing.

How to store with Clutter

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Items are stored in our Smart
Storage facility.
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Thousands of satisfied customers

I have used Clutter multiple times and they are extremely professional and knowledgeable about properly wrapping and storing your items. I have had Clutter move over $80k in furniture and not a scratch, dropped or lost item. Everything is properly catalogued and you know the costs up front (which are extremely reasonable). The teams are always on time and bring their own tools and storage materials. Unlike the moving team of the new homeowners who bought my home, the Clutter team never damaged newly painted walls, broke furniture or came unprepared. Their professionalism meant that I never have to worry about furniture or finishings damaged, improperly wrapped furniture or any other horror stories that I experienced or you here about from neighbors. On top of everything, the online catalog allows me to pull or place items in storage and I know I won't ever have mysteriously lost items. A wonderful company!
Laura M.
The recent experience that I had with the Clutter team that came by and helped us move the rest of our things into storage was utterly amazing at their job. I was very impressed with the professionalism and all the courtesies that they expressed to me and my family I would definitely recommend Clutter to anyone needing any kind of moving or store service.
Mario J.
From the moment this crew pulled into my driveway they nothing short of exceptional. Polite, hard working, expedient , and careful to handle all the items as if they were fragile. I would highly recommend Clutter to anyone looking for moving and storage. Why bother with a dingy, closed self storage when Clutter is out there. Thank You Clutter, you have some good people working for you. Keep up the good work. Thanks to my crew: Rosa V, Adrian G, Robert M, and Brandon S.
Dan B.

We pick up and deliver all over San Diego