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Park View Storage

Clutter’s Smart Storage is the most affordable, flexible, and reliable storage solution in the Park View area.
In under 2 minutes!

Storage units in Park View

Try self-storage, they said. It’ll be painless, they said. But after adding up the cost of the unit, boxes, and gas, you weren’t so sure. Then when you realized the hours you’d have to spend packing, loading, and transporting everything, you were even less convinced.

There’s a better storage solution out there, and it’s called Clutter.

Send us your specs and we’ll swing by your place. We’ll load up all your things ourselves and then drive them over to our storage facility. We’ll even send you an online photo catalog of every single item you give us, so you always know what’s in our care.

That’s not all. Whenever you need something back, just give us a heads up. We’ll bring it right to you. Clutter saves you time and money, so you can go enjoy your true passions: the local roasts at Colony Club.

How to store with Clutter

We pick up and inventory your
Items are stored in our Smart
Storage facility.
Schedule deliveries from your
online storage inventory.

Washington DC storage you can trust

Get a transparent quote in 2 minutes.
  • 24/7 digital access
  • Full service pickups
  • Secure, clean facilities
  • Temperature-controlled
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Thousands of satisfied customers

From the very beginning, MakeSpace has been a seamless experience. I spoke with a customer service rep who advised me to the fullest and made the prep before moving day very easy. George and David were absolutely fantastic to work with on the day of the move. They came prepared, were professional and friendly, looked after the furniture while moving, and cleaned up before they left.
Lauren H.
Park View
So glad I made the decision to use Clutter. I just wish I had known about them sooner! I needed to store items, but wasn't able to transport the items to a storage facility myself. They just showed up, and loaded my boxes and furniture on their truck. When I'm ready, they will deliver the items to my new location. Their prices were also better than some of the storage places I previously considered. These guys were very professional and super friendly! They did an excellent job of wrapping my dresser. I would definitely recommend using this company. Thank you for taking away the stress of moving and storing my belongings!
Tee A.
Park View
Clutter storage is easy and simple to use. I was honestly shocked that it was as simple and convenient as it was. The movers sent a text when they were 10 away, they were chill and easy to work with. The whole process took about 30 minutes. I will always use Clutter moving forward. Props to the movers for making it no hassle.
Rocco H.
Park View

We pick up and deliver all over Washington DC