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Clutter Moving is the most affordable, flexible, and reliable moving solution in the Princeton area.
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Thousands of satisfied customers

This is my second time working with Clutter for their moving services. I have also stored in their facilities in the past. From moving professionals to customer service, Clutter employs friendly, respectful experts who deliver on a level you would expect from companies that charge twice the amount. We're so pleased with the results. Moving is incredibly stressful, the Clutter team took great care of us- Thank you Jose, Luis and Brian!!
Lisa P.
Super helpful, worked fast and did it with no complaining. The move was rough and they had to carry stuff down from the 5th floor. I would strongly recommend them and if I have to move again I know who to contact!
Sanna K.
I'm a student and for the first time in my life I hired a moving company to move to my new place. I was nervous about it, I didn't know anything about the process and market rates, but I found Clutter, made my research and felt very happy and satisfied with their customer service! The experience was great! My movers, Travis and Eric, were very kind, professional and careful with my things. I am beyond thankful because they were part of a milestone in my life! I'm now enjoying my new home . Thank you Clutter! Thank you to the people who called and followed up with me, and my amazing movers!
Ana Rebecca U.

We pick up and deliver all over New Jersey