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Bellevue Storage

Clutter’s Smart Storage is the most affordable, flexible, and reliable storage solution in the Bellevue area.
In under 2 minutes!
Since our founding in 2013, Clutter Bellevue has been your trusted neighborhood storage facility. In addition to our facility having top-of-the-line security, we provide the widest variety of units, which means you will get the size that works best for you. Is your plan that uhaul your stuff to storage yourself? Instead, Clutter will take care of everything for you at the same price as a public storage option. Clutter's experienced team of movers comes to you, packs your stuff, then transports it to our storage facility – it's that easy. When you want something back, simply schedule a return and we'll deliver it. It gets better: we'll photograph each item you're storing and create a digital inventory you can access 24/7, so you never forget what's in storage. From University of Washington to the Bellevue Botanical Garden and everywhere in between, our team of local movers are familiar with all parts of Bellevue. Use Clutter and you'll have more time to do the things you care about, like catching rays at Newcastle Beach or zip-lining through the trees in Eastgate Park. New to the area? We recommend using Windemere Real Estate to help you find your dream home. Once you're settled in, do as the locals do: grab a bite at Facing East. And if you are itching for some fun, look no further than the Seattle Great Wheel. How will you know when you can call yourself a local? When you're well-acquainted with the WA-520.

How to store with Clutter

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Thousands of satisfied customers

Clutter is the best thing that's happened to moving since the dolly. I'm so impressed. We moved from a 4000ft house into a 1400ft house and clutter came and did a fantastic job of cataloging and itemizing all of our furniture and belongings. We didn't know what we would need since we were downsizing so much, so the ability to get our stuff back with an app is so genius!!! I can't imagine going to storage and rifling through boxes every time I need something! The employees are so friendly and so considerate with our house. Give them a try, you won't regret it.
Celeste P.
Nearly 2 years later and I just received the last of our items from storage. Over the years, Clutter was really easy to work with. I sent things back and forth more than a few times and the customer service was always wonderful. Today, Mike showed up at my door with a smile and a great attitude and was just a delight to work with. As were Rob and Eric. And I'm pretty sure Joe helped me at the beginning and also brought the first round of my stuff back a couple weeks ago. After two years, everything is intact. Highly recommend clutter. Super convenient service.
Sarah D.
Hands down one of the best services and service teams I've encountered in a long time. First off, the service itself - they pack, catalog, barcode, and then store your items. They do it fast and efficiently at a very reasonable cost. The team was great - friendly, fast, and helpful. Makes moving / storing way less of a hassle. Great service and great team.
Dan Z.

We pick up and deliver all over Seattle