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Clutter Moving is the most affordable, flexible, and reliable moving solution in the SeaTac area.
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Thousands of satisfied customers

Great and smooth experience. Love that Clutter is bringing technology to the moving process: we were able to track when they'd arrive, how things were progressing, and handle all the logistics online. The packing & moving team was great - friendly, diligent, thoughtful, and productive. 10/10 would recommend.
Robert A.
Clutter did a phenomenal job moving my stuff from my 1-bedroom apartment in Seattle, and then moving it into my moving truck last week. On time, extremely professional, took great care with my stuff, were super personable and re-assuring, and fit everything into my truck in a very timely and space-efficient manner. Robert, Castle, and Carden were AMAZING, and it was such a sigh of relief to have such professionals handling my things. Really happy with the service and would recommend to anyone.
Jackson S.
Phenomenal experience with Clutter from start to finish. Leading up to our appointment, the communication system was top notch, keeping us very aware of what to expect and how to prepare prior. The communication system continued, keeping us in the know of where the movers where and when to expect them (thus not sitting around waiting). Once they arrived, they were so friendly, knowledgeable, capable and professional!
Katie D.

We pick up and deliver all over Seattle