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5 Tips For Maximizing Your Space With Curtain Dividers

5 Tips For Maximizing Your Space With Curtain Dividers Expand options

Small apartments and living spaces have become increasingly common over the years with space becoming limited in many cities. That’s where smart living comes in, you may not be able to control how much space you have but, there are ways to enhance any home no matter how small. One of the easiest and most affordable ways to do this is by using curtain dividers.

Choose a light fabric

A white curtain sections off a work desk


To maximize the light in your home select a fabric that is not too heavy, dark or thick. Avoid fabrics such as velvet or jacquard since light doesn’t easily pass through them, so they will make your apartment darker. Go the extra mile with decorative curtain rods for a final touch. 

 Section off your bedroom

 If you live in a studio apartment or have an open plan arrangement, then use a curtain divider to section off your bedroom. It grants you some privacy when you have guests and it provides the illusion of having a bedroom, so you don’t need to wake up and see your kitchen or dining table. Dividers can be used within the bedroom to create a cozy atmosphere and separate the bed from the rest of the room. Simply attach them around your bed with a curtain rod or attach them to the posters of your bed for a cozy yet chic look.

Create a reading nook 

 Nothing beats a comfortable nook when you want some space and privacy to read or relax. It’s easy to create with a simple seating, cozy arrangement, some plants and a curtain divider to section off the nook. A perfect spot would be under the stairs, by the window or in a discreet corner, it provides the feeling of escape—no matter the size of your home.

Separate your dining and living area 

A white curtain lets in sunlights near a dinning area



 One of the smartest ways to create space and ambience in an open-plan space is by sectioning off a designated dining area. Having the dining table next to the sofas and kitchen can feel a little claustrophobic and it can stifle the ambience of the room. Use curtain dividers so that it feels as if you have a separate space to enjoy your meals and entertain guests.

Enhance your bathroom

Curtain dividers can be placed in the bathroom too, it’s wise to select custom made curtains for this. Use them to section off the shower or bathtub for some extra privacy, plus it creates the illusion of a bigger bathroom. It’s also a smart method of sectioning the toilet so that it feels like there are two rooms in one.  

Curtain dividers can effortlessly create lighter and brighter spaces as well as making your home look and feel more spacious. The best part is they are affordable and easy to construct. Curtain dividers open up your home to so many opportunities, all it takes is a little planning and imagination.

AUTHOR: Zana Dodig

Zana loves interiors and everything related, from decorating to organizing and remodeling. Her favorite part of interiors for the last 20 years have been window coverings. She works as a window treatment consultant and writer at and

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