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Decluttering: Minimalist Habits To Cultivate

Decluttering: Minimalist Habits To Cultivate Expand options

Minimalism seems to be a global trend. A lot of us realize that we don’t need tons of stuff to be happy and content.

Yet, we often don’t know how to get rid of all the things we’ve already accumulated. So if you still have questions on how to get started and jump on the minimalism train, keep reading.

Learn to say ‘no’

Saying “no” to the things that bring joy can be tough. But it is one of the best skills any person can develop. Each time, ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” If you can rationally answer with “No, thanks,”—stick to that decision. It may seem a bit hard to distinguish what things are easy to reject and what to keep. 

Yet, there are many occasions when you buy something you don’t really need on impulse. The principal difference here is to evaluate the need. 

Start small

A closet with clothes hanging in it


Let’s imagine you’ve wanted to declutter your closet for years. However, every time you have been about to start, something more important or urgent than cleaning came up. All you need to do is pick one area to start with. Sometimes breaking it down in small parts makes the whole activity feel more manageable. For example, begin with your pairs of jeans. Decide which ones you are going to keep and which you really need to stow away.

For example—once you’ve decluttered the jeans from your closet, you can decide on something else. Either pick the item or another day; this is okay. 

Decluttering doesn’t have to mean ditching things

Once you’ve organized stuff, rather than throwing away the things you’ve thoughtfully collected, you can stow them away into storage. Some full-service storage solutions pick up, store and drop back your items, all for a better price than traditional storage. 

Embrace empty space

an empty shelf with a few essentials like alarm clock and pencils in a corner


There’s a way that you can approach minimalism by simply living in a space that’s not cluttered. So instead of the urgency to find a room and nice stuff to fill it with, be mindful about the way you choose the decor. 

Don’t clutter up space with extra things that you don’t really need. Be very careful, particular, and mindful about setting up your space so that you are not just filling it out. 

DIY instead of store-bought

When it comes to cleaning products, the first thing you might think about is a whole bunch of items that serve particular purposes of making space neat and shining. 

Instead of purchasing a new pack of cleanser every time, look for pantry items like vinegar, baking soda, and dish soap. Try to make your own cleaning products that you don’t have to store. 

Actually, this tip is rather good for lots of products and could be extended out to self-care products. There are plenty of ways that you can double duty a lot of things in your home to save space but still get the same functionality running. 


Now you have several ways that will definitely help you start incorporating minimalism into your life. Practicing these habits will help you move to a minimalist approach to life fast.



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