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How to Swap Summer Decor for Fall 

How to Swap Summer Decor for Fall  Expand options

The lovely months of Autumn are ahead of us and bring lots to look forward to—including fantastic fall decor. But, working through to swap summer decor for fall might seem like a chore. We’re here to break it down and help you conquer this seasonal transition. Let’s change the look of your home with these easy steps. 


A few bright pumpkins surrounded by a crate of dried berries and flowers.


The front entrance is a good place to start changing your seasonal décor and making your place feel more “homey”.

Switch the summer plants out with colorful stacks of pumpkins and dried grasses for a look that welcomes fall. 

Try adding bushel baskets, wooden crates, or large crockery for a true autumn feel. As the season progresses add dried wreaths adorned with tiny pumpkins, spooky trees, and bats in anticipation of Halloween. 

Inside the front door

A bright orange pumpkin surrounded by dry leaves and colorful corn.


Your small entryway table is a perfect place to create a welcoming fall vignette. Choose wood or galvanized steel bowls or cake plates and arrange a variety of gourds and decorative pumpkins with fall flowers and branches with berries. This arrangement should reflect your style, whether minimalist or farmhouse, to bring the season into your home. Try using unusual vessels like pitchers or wine decanters to hold floral arrangements. The rule of thumb is:  


Changing out your summer textiles for some heavier ones with texture automatically creates the cozy feeling of fall. Add elements in deep autumnal colors ranging from deep oranges and rusts to mulberry and smoky reds. The addition of items in wood tones will also enhance your fall décor. Exchange hand towels in the guest bathroom for seasonally colored towels and include a small fall flower arrangement. 

Take the transition into fall a step further with dish towels in the same lovely autumnal colors you have used in your entryway and living areas.

Fall florals

Fall is a great time to experiment with floral arrangements around your home. Use your imagination to create stunning pieces with chrysanthemums, bare willow branches, pomegranates, and gourds. 

Try placing a large shallow basket on the coffee table and add books, a pumpkin, and a low flower arrangement. Adding fall fruits like apples and pears to a floral arrangement will enhance the fall feeling of your décor.


Two candles on a wooden table.


Humans can distinguish more than a trillion scents and the sense of smell can trigger more memories than any of our other senses. Put this fact to good use when considering the transition to the fall season in your home. 

Consider adding a bowl of potpourri in the living room, bathroom, or bedrooms to conjure the essence of autumn. The aroma of a scented candle can add a sense of warmth to your home. Try a candle that smells like berry, fig and currant or autumn leaves or pumpkin clove for a rich, nostalgic scent. 

Get ready for Fall

No matter what part of the country you live in you’ll be ready for fall with these easy swaps. Sweater weather is upon us and switching your home’s décor will help welcome the new season.


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