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How to Work With White Space in Design

How to Work With White Space in Design Expand options

One of the most important rules of design is that a design is only finished when you can’t take anything more away. In design, less is more.

White space in a design is very appealing. It makes a space feel more open and draws attention to what is present in the space. It also makes the space more accessible and easier to use.

Let’s take a look at how to incorporate white space in your home decor and design.

Plan Carefully

Like all creative pursuits, design requires careful planning. Whether you’re arranging elements in an image or placing furniture in a house, it all needs to be carefully thought out. You need to consider what to put into the space, but also what to leave out. Sometimes, the elements you choose to leave out have more of an impact than those you choose to put in.

Once you have chosen the elements you want in a design, you can start placing them. This requires meticulous planning, as their placement impacts the message. Designers don’t want to clutter the space, but they also don’t want too much empty space. 

plants and succulents against a white backdrop

Get a Different Perspective

Everyone may be able to place elements into a design. However, even some of the best designers need help. They bring in fresh new eyes in the form of friends or other designers to give an alternative perspective. 

Take it Slow

It is important to take your time when choosing your design elements. The effective use of white space is heavily influenced by what is present. If you are choosing furniture for your house, try to visualize it. Perhaps there is a sofa you really like. Imagine what it will look like in your space. 

Where will you put it? What direction will it face? How will you see it? Most importantly, choose something that fits the space. Just because it looks great in a photo or on the showroom floor, doesn’t mean it will look good in your living room.

a home office



Remember to value function and beauty over quantity. Having four sofas in your living room might be your lifelong dream, but assess their value. Will you use all four sofas most of the time? Do they fit the space? Does the space feel cluttered? White space can make a huge difference in your design practice. It brings beauty and neatness and allows for the space to feel calm. Keep in mind that loud patterns and bright colors can be overwhelming, so allow for a peaceful area as well. 


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