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Seems Insane! NYC’s Costly Luxury Apartment Amenities

Seems Insane! NYC’s Costly Luxury Apartment Amenities Expand options

You’d think spending tens of millions of dollars on a swank apartment would automatically get you extras like huge storage space, a suite for your butler or maid, and a private parking spot for your shiny Italian sports car. Right?

Think again. Especially if you’re shopping for a luxury apartment in New York City.

Most of us don’t have that kind of money. But if you do, The New York Times reports that wire-mesh storage cages in the basement of 18 Gramercy Park are going for $75,000 for a 35-square-foot space, or $2,143 per square foot. (Our favorite part of the article is that we’re the sane alternative at only $25/month for 12 cubic feet of storage, or $2/month per cubic foot.)

Other towers like 56 Leonard are asking $300,000, or $1,422 per square foot, for a combination storage unit measuring 211 square feet.

Need a private cellar to store your big wine collection? That’ll run you $98,500 for 900 bottles, or up to $215,000 for 1,700 bottes at 135 East 79th Street where an apartment recently went into contract for $26.5 million.

Now how about a room for your maid or butler? Kiss another $1.53 to $2.87 million goodbye at 432 Park Avenue where a penthouse is in contract for $95 million.

Oh wait. Don’t forget about parking.

At 42 Crosby Street in SoHo, an underground parking spot will cost you a cool $1 million. And that doesn’t even give you ownership of the spot. You’re technically leasing it for 99 years. If you decide to sell your pad, you must also sell your parking spot.

If you’re like most of the people in NYC who don’t have stratospheric sums to spend on an apartment, let alone storage, we’ve got your back.

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