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Brooklyn Heights Storage

Clutter’s Smart Storage is the most affordable, flexible, and reliable storage solution in the Brooklyn Heights area.
In under 2 minutes!
When you’re short on space, it’s hard to know what to do. You could hit your friends up, but their closets are likely just as stuffed. You could rent a self-storage unit, but those come with the added fees of boxes, packing tape, and U-Haul vans. Or you could use Clutter: full-service Brooklyn Heights storage that comes to *you*. At Clutter, we take care of storing everything for you. The only thing you actually have to do is schedule a pickup and pack your stuff. We'll come to your home, load your stuff into our truck, and transport everything to our secure storage facility. We'll then create an online photo catalog of your stuff so you always know what you have in storage. And when need something back, we'll *deliver* it to you. Now that your storage concerns are a thing of the past, go ahead and toast your good fortune with a pint at Henry Street Ale House.

How to store with Clutter

We pick up and inventory your
Items are stored in our Smart
Storage facility.
Schedule deliveries from your
online storage inventory.

Brooklyn - NYC storage you can trust

Get a transparent quote in 2 minutes.
  • 24/7 digital access
  • Full service pickups
  • Secure, clean facilities
  • Temperature-controlled
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We pick up and deliver all over Brooklyn - NYC