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Red Hook Storage

Clutter’s Smart Storage is the most affordable, flexible, and reliable storage solution in the Red Hook area.
In under 2 minutes!
Some kids in Red Hook think their neighborhood was named after a pirate who discovered Brooklyn. Or after the last pirate who was killed in the Revolutionary War. Sadly, neither is true. While you don’t see many pirates in Red Hook today, there *is* another problem plaguing the neighborhood: There’s no room to put anything. Literally. Storage for businesses and homes is hard to come by. Until now. Because Clutter is a full-service storage solution that comes to *you*. We’ll travel to Red Hook, wrap up all your items, load them into our truck, transport all of it to our secure storage facility, and create an online photo catalog of your stuff so you never forget what you're storing. Need something back? Kiss cabbing it halfway across Brooklyn to get to your self-storage unit goodbye. We'll deliver your stuff to you. The result: More space in your home. And more free time to do whatever you want, like eat your way through the entire menu at Red Hook Lobster Pound this weekend.

How to store with Clutter

We pick up and inventory your
Items are stored in our Smart
Storage facility.
Schedule deliveries from your
online storage inventory.

Brooklyn - NYC storage you can trust

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  • Full service pickups
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  • Temperature-controlled
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