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Clutter’s Smart Storage is the most affordable, flexible, and reliable storage solution in the Woodford area.
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Woodford is located in Caroline County and found northwest of Bowling Green. The community is known primarily for Edge Hill, which is listed in the National Register for Historic Places. The community offers many places to live, places to stay, and a variety of interesting things to do. Woodford is one of the many Northern Virginia (NOVA) communities that offers visitors and residents alike close accessibility to other spots in that part of the country. Larger Virginia cities in the northern part of the state can be reached from Woodford with little difficulty. Washington DC is not too terribly far from Woodford either. Restaurants in Woodford feature a combination of larger chains and locally-owned establishments. Wesley’s Burger Shoppe is perhaps the crowning burger restaurant in the area. However, if you’re looking for the widest array of dining options possible, you’ll have to visit nearby Bowling Green, which is less than 10 miles away. Numerous Italian restaurants can be found throughout Bowling Green, too. If you’re visiting Woodford, you’ll have several hotels to choose from. Regardless of how much you want to spend, you won’t have any trouble in finding a place that’ll fit your budget. Also, make some time for the local historical attractions. The most significant of these is perhaps the Stonewall Jackson Shrine. This spot is where the Civil War general spent the final days of his life. It has since been turned into a museum. And while you’re at it, check out Woodpecker Farm, Dark Star Farms, Mr. B’s Bluegrass Park, and then head over to Bowling Green. That’s where you’ll find the Caroline Museum and Cultural Center, as well as the Sidney E. King Arts Center.

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