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5 Health Benefits of Decluttering

5 Health Benefits of Decluttering Expand options

As you know, the Japanese organization guru Marie Kondo blew the country away in 2019, thanks largely to the Netflix show that brought her refreshing decluttering methods to households across the country. In fact, Today reports that thrift stores saw a huge surge in donations because of her popularity.

But decluttering is more than just a trend. It has some surprising health benefits you may not know of. Read on for some great reasons to start decluttering today.

1. Alleviates Anxiety and Depression

When you can’t seem to find a place to store your things, chances are you’ll just leave them lying around so you can attend to them later. But more often than not, they end up becoming clutter. Research from the University of California reveals that clutter produces high levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and in turn causes anxiety and depression. So, whether it’s putting new purchases away or storing sentimental items, it’s best to do it right away. Although it may seem tedious, the quicker you get it done, the less clutter and stress there will be in your home.


2. Helps You Sleep Better


The clutter in your home, especially in the bedroom, can interrupt your sleeping patterns because it can fill your mind with uneasy thoughts. Researchers from St. Lawrence University found that cluttered bedrooms result in poor sleep due to depression and stress. For a good night’s rest, be sure that your bedroom is free from “chaotic” clutter.

3. Lessens Allergens

With objects all over the house, it’s very easy to unknowingly let mold, pet hair, and dust fester in your home, making it a haven for harmful allergens. Decluttering and organizing helps improve indoor ventilation, which HomeServe identifies as a major factor in preventing the build-up of mold. Poor ventilation can make a room feel stuffy, and when coupled with humidity, can encourage the growth of harmful fungi. Similarly, poor ventilation means pet dander can easily take over, while dust can thrive indoors. To avoid this, regular decluttering and dusting can help you eliminate the places where allergens gather.

4. Cultivates a Happy Environment

In a shared home with family or roommates, clutter affects everyone, regardless of whose mess it is. And stress can strain relationships between family members or roommates. Thus, it’s important that you and your housemates declutter your rooms and common areas. Not only will this foster a healthier relationship, but it also boosts emotional health overall.

5. Gets You Moving

Decluttering entails a lot of moving around, as you dispose of items, pack boxes, and carry things from place to place. While it can be a tiring activity, the good news is that you’ve transformed cleaning into a form of exercise without even knowing it. Indeed, Thrive Global reveals that dusting can burn up to 174 calories in just an hour. Plus, decluttering is not a one-time event, as you’ll need to maintain the cleanliness. So, you can expect to become a more active person thanks to decluttering.

As you can see the benefits of decluttering are enormous. The earlier you start to put stuff away and clear out your space, the better.

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