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7 Shoe Storage Ideas(DIY Included)

7 Shoe Storage Ideas(DIY Included) Expand options

Having a lot of shoes is hard when it comes to storage. Instead of buying space-consuming racks, there’s a lot of do-it-yourself racks you can make. Check out these shoe rack ideas for small places. Here’s a list of 7 storage hacks made for shoe lovers.

1. Crown Molding Shoe Rack

If you have unused crown molding lying around, put it to creative use. Shoes resting on these moldings, is one of the most effective yet cheapest shoe racks you can put together. You can also do this in your closet walls. 

2. Sandals and Flip-flop Hangers

bright yellow and blue plastic hangers


This storage hack is perfect if you have lots of sandals and extra hangers. Bend hangers to hook onto shoes and fit over rods. They will help you organize your footwear and, most importantly, help you save up more space.

3. Wooden Peg Shoe Organizer

Wooden boards and pegs will help you hang shoes when they’re not in use. This DIY shoe organizer can also be put up almost everywhere in your house.

4. Cardboard Shoe Rack

cardboard texture


This shoe rack is is affordable and also easy to make. You can have the cardboard in any shape and stack it up. This will give you a unique and a new way to store your shoes, especially in small rooms. 

5. Tension Rod Shoe Rack

This storage hack is so easy as one, two, three. Grab a tension rod, then hang it near the wall. It is advisable to do this in your closets where you can hang your sandals, or shoes. This hack is easy, affordable, and will help you, save up space. 

6. Industrial-Inspired Built-In Shoe Rack

If you love a rusty and classic design, this one’s for you. It will not just help you store your beloved shoes but will also make them look good even when not in use. Also, it is made of recycled wooden boards and pipes, making it inexpensive. It’s also versatile that you can even make it as big as you like. 

7. Make Space For Shoes

If you’re struggling for space but want your shoes stored in a secure environment check out MakeSpace. Your stuff is picked up, stored and brought back to you whenever you need it. Plus the in-app photo inventory makes it easy to know exactly which shoes were stored and when. It’s storage without the struggle.


Being a shoe lover also means figuring out the best way to store your collection We hope these seven hacks give you some inspiration for storing your fantastic footwear. 


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