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8 Space Saving Tips You Don’t Want to Miss

8 Space Saving Tips You Don’t Want to Miss Expand options

Nobody likes living in clutter, or feeling overwhelmed by the quantity of furniture and furnishings that greet you as soon as you walk in. Sometimes you simply have to recognize that – you need to create some more space. 

By following these useful tips, you can identify some effective ways to smartly use space around your home. 

1. Mirrors

OK, this one isn’t a ‘space saving’ idea, but it’s a great way of making your space look larger and brighter. While it won’t literally add any more space to your home, it will create an illusion that it’s much bigger. 

2. Walls


While you may think their only purpose is for hanging pictures, walls can serve so many more functions. For example, adding wall shelves can create a lot of space for ornaments, books, etc. Likewise, installing hooks can be an effective way of hanging large items like bikes, instruments or coats on walls. This frees up more space for furniture, adding to the overall roominess of the home. 

3. Light

The lighting conditions you have in your home can make it feel a lot larger than it actually is. However, that doesn’t mean you should go out and buy as many free-standing lamps as possible. You need to be savvy with how you set the lighting in your home; too many lamps and you will end up not only taking up a lot of floor space, you’ll also create an overly cluttered look. Smaller lighting options situated around the room can draw your eye to a particular space. 

4. Windows


The space situated underneath windows is ready and waiting to be utilized as a space storage solution. Whether you decide to invest in a bench where you can dump your shoes and detritus of the day, a built-in cubby, or a bespoke ottoman, the space under a window can be a very handy spot to store any goods you don’t need out on show. 

5. Kitchen

If you have a small kitchen, using every inch of available space is vital to improving its functionality. While minimalism can be great, in a kitchen environment, you need to get organized and use the available surfaces as much as you can. Whether you install a thin pull-out cupboard, invest in a baker’s trolley, or fit multiple shelves and storage racks, there are a number of quick and easy ways to make the most of a limited kitchen space. 

6. Hallway

Buying storage baskets or boxes and installing coat hooks can be two great ways of preventing clutter and giving your hallway a much more organized look. The last thing you want is to have shoes, coats and handbags scattered all over the place, so add a level of organization to the chaos. 

7. Outdoor Storage. 

 Rather than cluttering up your home, fit an outside storage solution to keep your belongings stowed away. These outside storage solutions can come in all shapes and sizes, and can even be utilized as outside furniture too. For example, an outside bench can double up as a trendy seating area, and a large storage solution. 

8. Storage

If you don’t have space for storage in your home consider a stress free, full-service storage solution. There’s a good chance you have some stuff that is too precious to discard. At such times, storage can truly come handy. Some full-service storage solutions come pickup, haul and deliver your stuff back whenever you need it.

Use these tips to use the space you have efficiently, and you’ll always have room.

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