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Hacks to Organize Your Home Office

Hacks to Organize Your Home Office Expand options

If there’s clutter in your home office area it can lead to less production and more stress. Here are some life hacks to help you organize your it and improve your work life and productivity. 

Binder Clips

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These little clips can help you straighten out your loose wires in no time. Take a binder clip and attach it to the side of your desk. You can put stray wires for your computer inside the holes in the clip and presto no more wiry mess. This will help keep your wires from slipping off of the desk and will also keep them from becoming tangled. 


It is easy for papers to get out of control and create a mess on your desk. Go through your piles of papers and organize them. Most can probably be thrown out, but for those important pieces of paper you should take the time to create an organized filing system to store them. Make sure you have a good filing system so the papers do not build up again. 

Push Pin Board 

Having a push pin board near your desk will allow you to keep things that are important on display. You can put a calendar on the push pin board and any important upcoming event notices. Keep things that you need to be reminded of on the push pin board and you will see them every time you sit down. They will be much more visible there than in a pile on your desk. 

Get Help 

Another way to organize your office is to get someone to help you out. Fresh eyes can see ways to organize that you might have missed. Consider looking into an assistant office manager.  An assistant office manager can help you organize your budgets and office. They can plan meetings and get you up to speed on current topics in your field. You will have your office and life organized before you know it. 

Shelves and Trays

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Utilize wall space by hanging simple shelves. This will help your walls look nicer and give you extra bonus storage space. You can also buy decorative containers to put on the shelves to help organize your office supplies.  You can use trays to help keep your workspace organized. Trays can hold your papers until you file them and office supplies. And bonus points if you have small boxes that you can reuse. Take some wrapping paper and cover the boxes with a colorful wrap. 

Printing Station

 You can create a printing station in your home office to help keep printing supplies in one area. A wire basket can be used to store extra printing paper and some decorative boxes can be utilized as extra ink or toner cases. You can put this station by your desk on top of a filing cabinet or put it away in a closet if you have a wireless printer. This will free up your desk space. 

Draw dividers 

This tip will give you cleaner looking drawers. Take a cereal box and cut it to fit in your drawer. Cut smaller sections and divide your draw into little cubbies. This provides an excellent storage space for things. 

In Conclusion

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Taking the time to organize your office will free you from stress and disorder. With these simple life hacks you will have an organized home office in no time.

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