Fashion designer and MONSE co-founder Laura Kim uses MakeSpace for winter clothes storage NYC.
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Fashion Designer Laura Kim Talks Winter Clothes Storage And Oscar De La Renta

Fashion Designer Laura Kim Talks Winter Clothes Storage And Oscar De La Renta Expand options

Laura Kim spent 12 years working with the late Oscar de la Renta. She started interning at Oscar’s eponymous, prestigious fashion house while attending Pratt Institute and worked her way up to Design Director.

“He was a very happy man who always brought sunshine into the room,” said Laura, reflecting on her memories of Oscar, whom she holds dear to her heart. “He taught me how to design, but more about how to live. He saw everything with positive eyes and enjoyed life very much.”

With more than a decade of fashion design experience under her belt and inspiration from Oscar, Laura eventually left the company to co-found high-end designer clothing label MONSE with her fiancé in 2014. “We’re both designers. He’s a dreamer, and I like to make money. So we’re good together,” said Laura.

While their new office is strategically located next to stylists, artists, photographers, and other graphic designers in Hudson Square, Manhattan, the soon-to-be husband and wife live together in an apartment in Dumbo, Brooklyn. And as any couple who lives happily together in an apartment knows, part of doing so involves not overstuffing your apartment with off-season belongings that are better off being kept in storage.

So now that it’s summer, Laura googled some storage options to find a place to store her winter clothes. That’s when she discovered MakeSpace. “MakeSpace is great for people like me in fashion who can’t fit all of their clothes in their closet.”

While Laura is building MONSE with her fiancé, and draping and sewing in her free time, her coat, sweaters, and other winter clothes are hanging out in MakeSpace. Until next winter when all Laura has to do is push a button to get her stuff delivered to her door.

Laura told us, “It’s so convenient!” Which just so happens to be our middle name.

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