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3 tips to organize your kitchen

3 tips to organize your kitchen Expand options

Sure, we all have a kitchen—but most of us probably aren’t utilizing its full potential. An intuitive, considered layout makes a *huge* difference in the way you experience your space—and it makes prepping and cooking your food a whole lot more enjoyable.

The layout and contents of your kitchen have a huge impact on the way you use it. Get it optimized with these 3 handy tips.

1. Make space under the sink.

All too often, the space under the sink turns into a mess of cleaning supplies, groceries bags, and half-used spray bottles. But a couple simple switches can turn all of this around—and create up to three times the under-sink space!

  • Install a tension rod (like the kind you’d use for curtains) and hang spray bottles, dishwashing gloves, and rags on it.
  • Hang a shower organizer on the inside of the cabinet door for storing sponges, plastic bags, and extra soap.
  • Organize other cleaning items into a portable caddy. You’ll keep things compartmentalized *and* you can easily transport what you need when you clean.

2. Let it all hang.

The best way to create more counter space? Utilize your vertical potential! You’ll not only be making more room, but be adding more dimension and depth to your kitchen.

  • Hang a bowl for fresh fruit from the ceiling, then hang your pots and pans with wall hooks, or from a metal pot rack in the ceiling.
  • Get a magnetic strip for your knives and position it above the counter where you tend to food prep. Do the same with your spices, but keep those just above the stove.
  • Mount a pegboard for a more hodgepodge display of notes and kitchen tools.

3. Keep dry goods in clear containers.

Banish helter-skelter boxes and bags! Storing dry goods in uniform clear containers creates a clean look *and* makes it less likely that you’ll forget about that half-used box of pasta sitting on the shelf.

  • Keep grains, pasta, seeds, and nuts in clear (either glass or plastic) containers. Just make sure to include labels with cooking instructions—and nutrition facts if that’s your thing—inside of each.
  • Have spices in bulk? Transfer them to clearly labeled glass containers, and organize them alphabetically. Telling the cumin from the coriander will never be an issue, and you’ll be able to enjoy a bright array of colors and textures.


Don’t forget!

Make your junk drawer less, er, junky.


We all have that one drawer we throw everything into—which can make it hard to distinguish organized chaos from just junk. Throw away the dried out writing utensils, organize loose keys onto a ring or two, toss outdated receipts, and use a drawer organizer to keep the rest of it compartmentalized. Your drawer will look and feel cleaner, and finding what you need will no longer require five minutes of frantic sorting.


Erika Jordan is the Copy Lead at MakeSpace. When she’s not working her magic with words, she’s doing yoga and/or eating peanut butter (she’s still trying to figure out how to do both at once).

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