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After finishing her evolving morning routine of meditation, yoga, and smoothie making, Courtney Boyd Myers is ready to conquer everything on her epic to-do list.

This includes leading audience.io the marketing and business development company she founded in 2013 to help tech startups like Shyp, TaskRabbit, and Percolate grow internationally. She’s also a curator for Summit Series, where she helps build one of the world’s coolest communities for entrepreneurs (they own a mountain!). And she edits three newsletters (3460 Miles, Hustle and Kale, and The World is Global, Baby). To stay extra busy, she advises London’s hippest workspace Second Home. And in her spare time she pens columns on Medium, and writes for The Next Web and The Daily Beast.

In other words, Courtney is insanely busy, incredibly organized, and very, very talented.

Our favorite part of her organizational know how is that Courtney uses MakeSpace as her remote control home. We’re taking good care of her belongings (including her Burning Man gear and printed copies of What The Buddha Taught, The Prophet, The Unbearable Lightness of Being, and The Sirens of Titan) while she lives the nomadic life. All of the things Courtney’s not storing with MakeSpace, she’s bringing to Powder Mountain, her new home (at least for the ski season) in Eden, Utah.

Courtney Boyd Myers' MakeSpace bin is used for costume, bags, accessories, and clothes storage.
Courtney’s bodacious Burning Man MakeSpace bin.

“CBM,” as her friends and colleagues call her, is among a growing group of technomads, like fellow MakeSpace users Collin Hughes, Tyler Tringas, and Ike Edeani.

She’s moving to Powder Mountain, but she’s packing light, “I don’t need my heels or dressy city clothes in Utah,” said Courtney over the phone from Fueled Collective, a coworking space in SoHo. “When I drop into New York for a week or two at a time, I usually stay at friends’ places, and within hours of arriving, MakeSpace delivers my belongings it’s awesome,” she says.

Courtney Boyd Myers' MackBook Air setup on a beach in Tulum, Mexico.
Courtney’s setup in Tulum, Mexico.

Today, Courtney’s home/office is atop Pow Mow, the largest ski mountain in the U.S. that’s blanketed by 500 inches of pristine powder every year. All this “21st century Sherpa of intrepid international startups” (Forbes quote, not ours) really needs is her brain, the internet, an iPhone, and her MacBook Air to turn out incredible work, from anywhere. Work that earned Courtney a spot on Business Insider’s 2013 list of the 30 most important women under 30 in tech.

A ski lift at Powder Mountain while it snows.
It’s official: The lifts are on at Powder Mountain.

After Powder Mountain, Courtney is off to London to work and catch up with friends across Europe. She may even sneak in a trip to Tokyo and eat her way across Japan. Whatever happens, her summer will definitely end with another trip to Burning Man.

In between the east and westward flights, she always pops back into NYC. Getting her gear delivered will be as easy as navigating her browser to MakeSpace.com, instead of to a random self-storage unit buried past an exit off the LIE.

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