Haley Stark, an art director, graphic designer, and writer in Brooklyn, uses MakeSpace for NYC storage.
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How is a 22 year old this good at design? Haley started working full-time as a Senior Designer at NYLON before she even finished undergrad at NYU, and is one of the youngest designers in the magazine’s history. Of course, for someone with as much talent and creative ambition as Haley, her work at NYLON is just the tip of the iceberg; in her spare time, she’s done everything from designing Mira Gonzalez’s poetry collectioni will never be beautiful enough to make us beautiful together, to collaborating with the studio Actual Idea on Jared Leto’s photobook series Notes from the Outernet.

Haley recently moved in with her boyfriend in Williamsburg, and like any cohabiting couple in the city, they ended up with a ton of extra stuff, like two french presses and two full sets of silverware. Rather than throw everything away, Haley stowed some of her extra homegoods and decorations with MakeSpace. She also stashed a couple of purses she doesn’t wear (for now) and some art supplies she wants to store until she can find the room to paint again.

The best thing about Haley? She never stops designing; she even color coded her MakeSpace bins. Take a look!

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