The MakeSpace bin of Masters of Sex and High Maintenance star Heléne Yorke is used for convenient NYC storage.
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We’re Drunk In Love With Masters Of Sex Star Heléne Yorke

We’re Drunk In Love With Masters Of Sex Star Heléne Yorke Expand options

What does the hit Vimeo (and now HBO) comedy series High Maintenance have in common with MakeSpace?

Both revolve around providing on-demand services that involve clouds.

But what you might not know is that both also have a super-talented actress on board: Heléne Yorke, who also stars as Jane in the critically-acclaimed Showtime drama series Masters of Sex.

#tbt Congee Village realness with the boos. @helpingyoumaintain

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Living in NYC for eight years now, Heléne is well acquainted with the city’s tiny apartments. Thankfully, her manager introduced her to MakeSpace. “It just sounded like the most perfect and convenient storage service for my needs,” Heléne told us.

Since signing up for MakeSpace in June, Heléne describes her storage experience as, “um, AMAZING!” Her favorite part? The simplicity. “It’s so easy, no hidden fees, and I know that when I’m ready for my stuff back, all I have to do is diddle on the MakeSpace app for like three seconds.”

What’s also easy is admiring Heléne’s on-screen and off-screen personalities. She’s infectious. When we asked her if she had any space-saving and organizing tips, she instructed us to “grow a pair” and “know when it’s time to get rid of stuff. The minute it’s gone, you’ll forget you had it.” Kind of like winter.

“I store a LOT of winter stuff in MakeSpace. It’s bulky, and I want to pretend that season doesn’t exist.” Especially since for Heléne, winter means parting with her irreplaceable bike during a time of year that’s as cold and brutal as what some garages are charging for bike storage in NYC.

“You guys charge 25 bucks a month to store a bike. I called a garage near my apartment to check what they charged, and he said 175 BUCKS A MONTH!” As you can imagine, Heléne responded with “No, no, no, no, no.”

Between Heléne’s wheels and heavy winter wardrobe, you’ll see that her MakeSpace bin (shown at the top of this article) reflects her confident and lighthearted spirit.

Her flawless Beyoncé tee sings a comfortable, sexy, and powerful “with a dash of ‘oh heyyyy girl’” kind of style.

Her bright purple Toy Machine skateboarding socks with huge eyes (which are designed by Kevin Christy, the actor shown below who plays Heléne’s husband Lester on Masters of Sex) hint at her quirkiness.

Marriage game on fleek. #MastersofSex

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On the left side of her MakeSpace bin’s bright purple partition are a Lakers jersey and exercise clothes that preview Heléne’s enthusiasm for sports, Physique57, and SoulCycle. In fact, she recommends that “if you’re on a budget, check out the SoulCycle community rides that happen in the West Village and TriBeCa for FREE with instructors in training!”

Beyond staying fit and being so amazing, Heléne relishes in “eating cheese, going to cheese class, meeting goats (pre-cheese)” and partying with her pug/baby boy, Pootay.

The number one doggy turns 16 today!!! Happy birthday #pootay!!! You still got it! A photo posted by Helene Yorke (@heleneyorke) on

When Heléne’s not doing something cheese or Pootay related, she grills like a diva, visits her family in Los Angeles, rides waves on her surfbort, rolls deep at Dodgers games, and of course, acts in roles that she says pick her. Including the role of Cindy in her upcoming comedy movie, The Night Before, with Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Anthony Mackie.

After all is said and done, there’s no doubt that an exhilarating, busy life like Heléne’s comes with less time to organize your apartment, and as a result, more clutter. Luckily, storage space in clutter-eliminating MakeSpace is just like Heléne’s love for Pootay — infinite.

Come to think of it, Heléne Yorke isn’t infectious. She’s intoxicating. And we’re drunk in love.


A photo posted by Helene Yorke (@heleneyorke) on

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