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30 Ways to Incorporate Art in Your Home Decor

30 Ways to Incorporate Art in Your Home Decor Expand options

Incorporating art into your home decor is the perfect way to add a pop of color and show off your style. Here are 30 ways to incorporate art in your home decor:

1. Needlepoint

With this skill, you can make wall decor, ornaments or throw cushion covers.

2. Wood-burning

With your trusty wood burning tool—add personality to any wooden object in your home. 

3. Egg carton crafts

When you finish your last egg, set the carton aside for some fun DIY crafts that double-up as decor.

4. Abstract art

A child painting rocks with markers.


Nearly anything can be abstract art, so grab your favorite paint colors and run rogue. 

5. Shadow boxes

Shadow boxes are the perfect way to display mementos.

6. Yarn wall-art

Grab your favorite colored yarn and see what you can create—Youtube is a great place to look for inspiration.

7. Calendar design

Use the photos on your phone to create a calendar!

8. Bouquet building

A bunch of dried flowers and ribbons against a plain background.


Nature is the most beautiful artwork of all, so bring it inside with a homemade bouquet.

9. Tie dye

Use your tie-dye skills to make pillowcases and sheets with a personal touch.

10. Repurposed lighting

Lamp making kits, transform practically anything into a light source..

11. Pressed flower wall-art

Choose your favorite pressing method and frame your results.

12. Seashell chimes

Use seashells to create a unique wind chime — you’ll feel like you are at the beach every day!

13. Leaf tracing

A dry fall leaf against a blue background.


Keep things simple by tracing the leaves you find outside.

14. Flower printing

Grab some flowers, paint them and start pressing.

15. Rock garden

Try your hand at painting rocks to spruce up your house-plants.

16. Pinecone wreaths

Assemble pinecones using wire and hot glue — the end result is beautiful.

17. Antique designs

Look for antique fabrics or carved furniture.

18. Unusual shapes

Sculptural furniture can act as functional artwork in any room of the house.

19. Repurposed finds

Transform an old dresser into a new work of art—the possibilities are endless.

20. Reupholstering

The most beautiful artwork combines old and new.

21. Chalkboard paint

Thanks to this paint, you can transform a wall into an impromptu chalkboard.

22. Coloring wallpaper

Imagine a unique wallpaper design that you and your family could color.

23. Dry-Erase Paint

Grab the dry erase markers — this paint makes it acceptable to draw on the walls!

24. Whiteboard wallpaper

Turn any wall into a canvas without painting it!

25. Magnetic paint

With magnetic paint, you can proudly display handmade artwork anywhere in the house.

26. Customized prints

Some talented artists will produce customized prints at a low cost.

27. Original artwork

Flaunt your taste with one-of-a-kind artwork.

28. Ceramics

Handcrafted ceramics are so stunning you’ll have a challenge choosing which one to buy.

29. Stained glass

This artwork will color your life with beauty and brightness each day.

30. Throw cushions

Buy your favorite artwork in throw cushion form to display it on your bed or couch.

Follow your heart

When reviewing these 30 ways to incorporate art in your home decor, remember to follow your heart. The designs you love the most will often work the best in your house.


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