content pug wrapped in white furry blanket

The 5 Best Dog Breeds for Small Apartments

Do you think that dogs aren't the best pets for apartment dwellers? Think again. You see, a lot of people...
By Guest Author May 14, 2018

How to Protect your Home for Winter

When the days shorten and the weather gets colder, the freeze-thaw cycles will eat away at the exterior of your...

By Ed Smith Oct 23, 2020

10 Steps for a Halloween Centerpiece 

Halloween offers the chance to use your crafting skills to decorate, but it's important to find projects that will fit...

By Kacey Bradley Oct 19, 2020

25 Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Items

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, cleaning your home and workspace is more important than ever. Check out these 25...

By Kacey Bradley Oct 18, 2020

Tackle a Scary Chore—Cleaning Behind the Stove 

Your pot splatters and splashes as spaghetti sauce boils over. You’ve brushed umpteen crumbs and piles of spilled oregano out...

By Kacey Bradley Oct 09, 2020

How to Maintain Hardwood Floors

Ever since the first person covered a dirt floor with hardwood planks the world has been modifying and learning how...

By Sam Radbil Sep 04, 2020

5 DIY Projects With Concrete

It may seem a bit tricky to figure out what you can with concrete, but there are many ways to...

By Kacey Bradley Jul 30, 2020

A Summer Guide to Caring for Indoor Plants

Plenty of people dream about starting a garden in the summer, but then reality strikes. Extreme heat and bugs make...

By Kacey Bradley Jul 20, 2020

5 Tips to Create More Space in Kitchen Cabinets

Space is limited in an urban setting. That goes double for your kitchen. To find and create more space in...

By Sandra Wood Jul 08, 2020

A Guide to Natural Disinfectants For Your Home

Striking a balance between using natural products and finding effective disinfectants to keep your clean might seem like a difficult...

By Kacey Bradley Jun 30, 2020

5 Best Ways to Add a Bookshelf Over Your Bed

A popular room décor idea is how to add a bookshelf over your bed. It doubles as an adorable piece...

By Susan Ranford Jun 26, 2020

Tips to Create a Home Office in a Small Space

We'd all love to have a home office—a separate, closed-off area where we can work peacefully. Unfortunately, that's not a...

By Kacey Bradley Jun 24, 2020

10 Steps to Clean Your Couch

We’re spending a lot of time indoors, which means many hours on the couch. If your favorite spot seems inundated...

By Kacey Bradley Jun 19, 2020
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