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Make the Most Out of Your Tiny Bathroom with These 5 Hacks

Make the Most Out of Your Tiny Bathroom with These 5 Hacks Expand options

Get creative to get a lot of function out of your small bathroom. Here are five hacks to take advantage of every square inch. 

1. Switch up your towel rack

Towel racks can be clunky and usually only serve one purpose. Try a cubby insert or a fancy wine rack to store rolled up towels. If you use a cubby, then you can to stack things on top of it. This will also free up space in your linen closets or cabinets. And if you still want to hang towels, you can use coat hooks. It will keep things organized and is great for hand towels. 

2. Use shelving

If you’re running out of storage space, take a look at your wall. Notice above your door? There’s a lot of unused space there. Build a shelf above the door and store items you don’t need everyday like air fresheners or extra toiletries. An inexpensive basket or crate could be suspended from the wall, and since they’re deep you can pile a lot of items into them. 

3. Choose the right mirror

There are different ways you can approach the mirror you get. The first type of mirror you can get is a large one. Kerry Trimple, a lifestyle blogger for State of Writing and Australian Help says, “it’s simple, a larger mirror creates the illusion of a bigger space. Figure out how much room you have in your bathroom for your mirror and try to maximize it.” Also, who doesn’t like a bigger mirror? Another route you could take is getting a two-in-one mirror. It’s great for small spaces, and when its closed to have a full-length mirror. Inside the mirror you can store all your beauty or health care products with ease.

4. Magnets are your friends

If you use bobby pins then you know how hard it is to keep track of them. Luckily, they are magnetic. All you need is a magnetic strip, some adhesive and somewhere to glue it to for example: the door of a cupboard or the side of a counter. You can also use the strip to store small tools like nail clippers and tweezers and never worry about losing them again. 

5. Use the back of your door

The door is the perfect storage unit. There are so many ways to use it. Hooks on the back of the door is a classic choice. Towels or storage pouches hanging there is ultimate efficiency. A bathroom organizer could hang from one of the hooks, which is both is super convenient and will save you a ton of room. Henry Jitken, a productivity writer at Academized and Paper Fellows says, “The bathroom door is often under utilized. It’s not just for opening and shutting, and if your working with a small bathroom it’s the perfect way to free up some space.”


Just because you have a small bathroom, doesn’t mean you can’t have everything you want in it. You can make the most out of your small bathroom with these five tips. 


A lifestyle and productivity writer at  UK Writing, Ellie Coverdale keeps busy. She has been apart of many social media research campaigns, which she is deeply passionate about. Coverdale is also a content writer teacher at Essay Roo and Boom Essays.

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