Fashion Designer Hussein Chalayan created a modern coffee table with storage skirt.
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This Space-Saving Skirt Is Your VIP Coffee Table At Starbucks

This Space-Saving Skirt Is Your VIP Coffee Table At Starbucks Expand options

Thanks to boundary-pushing fashion designer Hussein Chalayan, your dream of having your own VIP table at Starbucks is closer to becoming a reality:

He designed a space-saving wooden skirt that morphs into a modern coffee table.

All you have to do is gently press down on the skirt’s innermost ring to instantly create your private coffee table with storage for every gaze from doe-eyed onlookers. Plus space to rest your Venti Caramel Frappuccino, iPhone, The Coffee Table Book of Coffee Tables (which also folds into a tiny coffee table for your tiny apartment), and just about anything else you’d bring with you to the java giant.

Cheers to BYO-skirt-table-and-chair.

h/t HomeCrux

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