Live Rent- And Utility Bill-Free Anywhere With Ecocapsule Expand options

Ever wish you could stop paying sky-high rent and utility bills for your tiny apartment that has more bed than room?

We have good news:

Your magic genie is coming.

Its name is Ecocapsule. And it’s about to drive your landlord loony.

Six Ecocapsules, portable and self-sufficient micro apartments, sit on top of apartment buildings.
Nice Visions

Born to Slovakian parents Nice Architects, Ecocapsule is a portable, self-sufficient, and luxurious micro-apartment that’s perfect for glamping anywhere you want.

Plop it on the sand of an exotic beach and feel your woes fade with the ocean’s ebb and flow.

Four Ecocapsules, portable micro apartment living pods, are sitting on the sand at a beach.
Tomas Manina and Juraj Fifik

Or move to Chicago. Next door to Ecocapsule’s big brother, The Bean.

An Ecocapsule next to Cloud Gate AKA The Bean in Chicago.
Tomas Manina and Juraj Fifik/MakeSpace

Unlike The Bean who relies on a cleaning crew to look handsome, Ecocapsule relies on wind and solar power alone. It’s a talent made possible by Ecocapsule’s 28-square-foot 650W solar cell mohawk and retractable 750W wind turbine tail that juice a 9744Wh battery. A battery that can fuel your adventurous, nomadic lifestyle for almost an entire year off the grid.

Ecocapsule is powered by the sun and wind, and purifies water for drinking, showering, and cooking.
Nice Architects

The 86-square-foot micro-studio has everything you need to live comfortably. You can cook your eggs and bacon at the same time on the kitchenette’s two burners, wash your dishes in the sink, and drink clean water. Because Ecocapsule’s skin collects and purifies rainwater and dew before storing it inside its belly.

The inside of Ecocapsule, a portable micro apartment that looks like an egg.
Tomas Manina and Juraj Fifik

Don’t want to live alone?

You don’t have to.

Ecocapsule’s Murphy bed sleeps two while a toilet composts your waste and a shower/recording studio keeps you fresh.

Ecocapsule also boasts plenty of storage compartments and an openable tinted window that conceals a counter where you can do whatever work drove you into the wilderness in the first place.

Worried that the combined body heat of you and your significant other isn’t enough to keep the both of you warm during the next Snowmageddon?

Ecocapsule has you covered with built-in thermal insulation that toasts you in even the frostiest of climates.

Ecocapsule, a micro studio with built in insulation can withstand cold temperatures and snow.
Tomas Manina and Juraj Fifik

The catch: You have to pay for the Ecocapsule, ship it from Slovakia, tow it to your desired getaway, and of course, get your own food.

When the Ecocapsule goes on pre-order sometime during the last quarter of 2015, expect to pay around the same price as an RV or a mobile home with comparable performance according to an email sent from Nice Architects to Slate.

You’ll also have to shell out about $2,479 to ship the Ecocapsule from Slovakia to New York for example. Which is a small price to pay for the freedom of living rent- and utility bill-free anywhere the law permits. Especially when the earth is your backyard and the stars are your nightcap.

Tomas Manina and Juraj Fifik

The only questions we have left are would you live in an Ecocapsule, and if so, where would you go?

Tweet us @MakeSpace and let us know!

Update: As of December 4, 2015, Ecocapsule is now available for pre-order.

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