NYC-Based Artist Designs Technology For Windowless Future Expand options

Artist Bernardo Schorr envisions a bleak future of urban density so intense that most city-dwellers will be forced to live in 100 square-foot, windowless apartments. To address the challenges these small, windowless spaces will present, Schorr designed a futuristic solution: The Mixed Reality Living Space.

This interactive media room could simultaneously project views of Paris, New York City, and Hong Kong onto the walls of the room and would also enable the small space to transform infinitely. As residents rearranged their furniture to create a bed or a desk, the room would adapt, projecting different imagery onto the walls to become a bedroom or a study, respectively.

Here at MakeSpace, we’re a little less pessimistic about the future, but even in New York City today, one can understand the incredible value of a technology that would enable a small space to contain a nearly infinite multitude of virtual experiences within it.

Schorr writes of the project:

“Mixed Reality Living Spaces” is an utopian solution for a dystopian scenario.

When the time comes that we have to live in 100 ft² (~9.3m²) apartments, our living spaces will have to shift according to our most current needs. Digital technologies will allow us to immerse in different spaces within the same environment, providing a relief from the sensation of confinement. Through digital augmentation, each person will live in a space that is presented in several different forms throughout a normal day: a bedroom, an office, a library, a dining room… and many more.

Part of our existence will extend into the digital world – our life will exist in a Mixed Reality.

h/t Gizmodo

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